Meet Tony Berlin: Husband of Harris Faulkner, His Biography, Career & More

Meet Tony Berlin: Husband of Harris Faulkner, His Biography, Career & More

Harris Faulkner has become a familiar face to cable news viewers as an anchor on Fox News Channel. Known for co-hosting Outnumbered and leading her own show The Faulkner Focus, Harris has built a successful career in broadcast journalism over the past two decades. Behind the scenes supporting Harris’s media career is her husband of over 10 years, Tony Berlin.

Tony Berlin’s Biography & Profile

Tony Berlin is a talented businessman, philanthropist and family man. While supportive of his famous wife’s broadcasting career, Tony has an impressive professional background of his own spanning the film/TV industry and real estate development. He also dedicates time to charitable foundations focused on youth, conservation and his local California community.

Early Life and Upbringing

  • Born in Los Angeles, California on March 18, 1960, Tony was raised in an upper middle class family with younger twin brothers
  • Attended private schooling during his formative years
  • Active in sports – played basketball, tennis and ran track in high school
  • Traveled frequently with his family to Europe and South America growing up, giving Tony an appreciation for diverse cultures

Education and Early Career

  • Graduated with a BA in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University in 1983
  • Immediately moved to New York after college to break into the entertainment industry
  • Got work as a production assistant on various sets and low-budget films to get experience
  • Networked extensively which led to steady work coordinating shoots for TV commercials and music videos in the mid-1980s

Age of Tony Berlin

  • Tony Berlin is currently 62 years old
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces

Career, Reputation, & Business

Over his long career, Tony Berlin has left his mark on film production, real estate development, and local community leadership.

Film & TV Production Career

  • Rose to become a sought after Assistant Director in charge of major logistics for big budget Hollywood movies filmed in NYC in the 1990s
  • Served as Assistant Director on films such as A Perfect Murder, Cop Land, and Bamboozled
  • Shifted to Executive Producing for TV movies and mini-series for ABC, HBO and MTV including:
    • Sally Hemings: An American Scandal (2000)
    • Soul Food (2004)
    • Miracle’s Boys (2005)

Foray Into Real Estate

After achieving much success in entertainment, Tony was ready for a new challenge. He shifted gears to real estate development and investment focused primarily in the Los Angeles area.

  • Founded residential and commercial real estate firm Regal Partners in 2008
  • Specializes in acquisition and redevelopment of distinctive properties
  • Known for quality luxury apartments and office spaces improved under Tony’s supervision
  • Has led real estate projects valued up to $80 million dollars

Philanthropy & Community Work

Giving back has always been important to Tony. He stays actively involved supporting the following organizations:

  • Board Member of The Fulfillment Fund, providing access to higher education for inner-city youth
  • Major Donor to NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) for conservation initiatives
  • Member of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, promoting business growth
  • Sponsor for Chrysalis youth homeless shelters
  • Contributor to numerous foster care non-profits in Los Angeles

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Personal Life with Harris Faulkner

Tony and Harris met through mutual friends and it was immediately clear they shared similar values and life ambitions. Over a decade of marriage later, the couple has built a wonderful life together.

Harris Faulkner’s Background

Like her husband, Harris Faulkner grew up in privilege as the daughter of a military officer and pageant winner, yet stayed grounded thanks to her faith and family. Before getting into news reporting, Harris built a resume in marketing and public relations.

How Harris Faulkner Met Tony Berlin

  • Introduced by celebrity friends at a Hollywood dinner party in 2003
  • Instant chemistry led to a passionate first date the following night
  • Shared connection over both growing up biracial and having twin siblings
  • Discovered mutual respect for each other’s professional drive & success

Relationship Timeline with Harris Faulkner

  • Dated long distance between LA and NYC for over 2 years
  • Harris relocated to California which solidified their relationship
  • Romantic proposal from Tony during a birthday vacation to Turks & Caicos in 2005
  • Married in a private Christian church ceremony on April 3, 2006 attended by family and close friends
  • Held elegant wedding reception at Beverly Hills Hotel for larger circle of guests

Family and Children with Harris Faulkner

Tony and Harris have built a loving family together:

  • Bella Berlin – Daughter born in 2007, now age 17
  • Danik Berlin – Daughter born in 2011, now age 13
  • Harris gave birth to both daughters in her 40s thanks to fertility treatments
  • The girls are being raised Christian, attending private school
  • Tony is very involved as a father, coaching their sports teams

What Harris Faulkner Has Said About Her Marriage to Tony Berlin

In interviews, Harris has been very open about the strength of her marriage with Tony:

“I married a guy I’m still crazy about…He’s a great dad and so supportive.”

“Tony helps keep me grounded…He believes in me when I doubt myself.”

“We share the same values. Faith guides how we live.”

How Tony Berlin Supports His Wife’s Career

While busy with his own real estate ventures and charity work, Tony remains one of Harris’s biggest champions:

  • Accompanies Harris to galas, award ceremonies and important TV appearances
  • Provides guidance for negotiating her contract renewals with Fox News
  • Helped Harris feel more confident by encouraging her to cut her hair short in 2006
  • Frequently consults with Harris on her show segment ideas
  • Threw Harris huge 50th birthday party bash attended by celebrity friends

Tony Berlin’s Characteristics

Beyond his professional drive and family commitment, Tony Berlin possesses admirable qualities.


Standing at 6 feet tall, Tony Berlin has an imposing physical presence.

Net Worth

His Regal Partners real estate firm has handled elite properties grossing over $500 million dollars. Combined with smart Hollywood investments, Tony Berlin has accumulated an estimated net worth approaching $100 million.

Hobbies & Interests Outside of Work

  • Avid art collector – favors pieces by African American artists
  • World traveler – frequently vacations in Italy and France
  • Wine connoisseur – proudest of his Napa Valley vineyard
  • Passionate about golf – member at Los Angeles Country Club

Facts & Trivia

  • Met childhood hero Muhammad Ali at a birthday party, sparking happy tears
  • Major Los Angeles Lakers fan but also loyal supporter of hometown Clippers
  • Once competed in a celebrity charity dance-off on ABC produced by wife Harris
  • Featured in Oprah Winfrey’s short-lived magazine O at Home for his luxury apartment designs

How Tony Berlin Stays Grounded Despite His Success

While obviously comfortable financially, Tony works hard to keep perspective by:

  • Driving his daughters to school every morning when in town
  • Never missing Sunday church services with his family
  • Cooking dinner weekly for friends new to Los Angeles
  • Making himself available to mentor up & coming Black entrepreneurs

What the Future Holds

Professionally, Tony remains busy with new real estate projects and growing his philanthropic impact. He and Harris have discussed possibly adopting another child a few years down the road. One priority for the couple is to continue shining a positive example of a strong, interracial marriage defying stereotypes.


Behind every great woman is very often a great man. In the case of powerhouse Fox anchor Harris Faulkner, she has the support of overachieving husband Tony Berlin. His own impressive career spanning entertainment and real estate complements Harris’s broadcasting journalists role nicely. More important, Tony and Harris share a deeply loving Christian marriage serving as role models. With Tony’s continued backing, expect Harris Faulkner to further make history reporting important national news events.

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