Celina Smith Net Worth 2024

Celina Smith Net Worth 2024

Celina Smith is an American actress who, at just 12 years old, has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Known for her lead role as Annie in the 2021 musical production Annie Live! on NBC, Celina’s powerful voice and natural charisma on stage belies her young age. It’s clear she has commanding talent that will likely lead to more big roles in the future.

Early Life and Background of Celina Smith

Celina Smith was born on May 12, 2009 in Atlanta, California to parents of artistic backgrounds. Even from a young age, Celina expressed an interest in singing and dancing. She began taking professional lessons at age 5 and soon started going to auditions and talent competitions.

Celina comes from an artistic family – her parents and siblings are also involved in music and theater. Growing up with their support and influence, Celina quickly realized she wanted to pursue acting and performing professionally. By age 9, she landed her first voice acting role in the animated series Centaurworld.

Key Details on Celina Smith:

  • Date of Birth: March 22, 2011
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Parents: Supportive of entertainment career
  • Siblings: Also artistic and theatrical
  • Started acting lessons at age 5
  • First role at age 9

Even as a young child, Celina displayed a dedication to honing her craft and an enthusiasm for being on stage. With her natural singing talent and outgoing personality, a career as a performer seemed a perfect fit.

Rise to Fame: Celina Smith’s Acting Career

Celina Smith’s big breakthrough came in 2021 when she was cast as the lead role of Annie in NBC’s holiday musical production, Annie Live! This was a huge accomplishment for a then 10-year-old, portraying such an iconic character on live television.

The high-profile event was seen by over 4 million viewers and Celina’s performance received rave reviews from fans and theatre critics alike. Her stellar vocals, polished stage presence, and bubbly charisma charmed the audience. Songs like “Tomorrow” demonstrated vocals that stunned viewers and showcased her impressive range.

Key Acting Accomplishments:

  • Lead role in Annie Live! at just 10 years old
  • High praise from critics for vocal talent and stage presence
  • Performance seen by over 4 million viewers
  • Stunned with renditions of iconic Annie songs like “Tomorrow”

Other early roles Celina has received include:

  • Young Nala in the 2019 live action remake of The Lion King
  • Guest starring role on Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home in multiple episodes
  • Voice of Ji-Young in the animated fantasy musical series Centaurworld

It’s clear that even at a young age, Celina has commanding talent as both an actress and vocalist that will likely lead to more big roles in the future.

Notable Roles and Performances by Celina Smith

Without a doubt, Celina Smith’s current most notable role has been her widely-praised portrayal of little orphan Annie.

As Annie in Annie Live!:

  • Displayed impressive stage presence and showmanship for 10-year-old
  • Received 4 minute standing ovation for performance
  • Sang iconic songs like “Tomorrow” and “Maybe” with poise
  • Strong comedic timing and charm in the role

As the lead in a live televised musical, she carried the show with a maturity beyond her years. Critics marveled at her confidence and vocal control, evoking emotion in musical numbers originally performed by seasoned Broadway actors. Fans were delighted by little Celina holding her own alongside co-stars like Harry Connick Jr.

Beyond Annie, Celina also stood out for her roles in:

  • As Young Nala in 2019’s The Lion King:
    • Landed role through competitive audition process
    • Had multiple musical numbers including “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”
    • Acted alongside stars like Beyonce, Donald Glover and Seth Rogen
  • As Ji-Young in Centaurworld:
    • Voice role in animated Netflix musical series
    • Performed several songs as the centaur character
    • Opportunity to work on popular streaming show

With two big musical productions already under her belt at just 12 along with a steady voice acting job, Celina Smith shows range across mediums. Audiences have gotten to hear her bring life to multiple captivating characters.

Personal Life and Family of Celina Smith

Personal Life and Family of Celina Smith
Personal Life and Family of Celina Smith

When she isn’t acting and performing, Celina Smith leads a pretty normal life as a pre-teen growing up in Los Angeles. Sources close to her family describe her as a polite, funny, intelligent and kind-hearted kid. Despite her early fame and success, she stays grounded thanks to her parents emphasizing the importance of humility and gratitude.

Celina remains very close with her tight-knit family including her parents and siblings. They offer her strong emotional support and guidance to navigate life as a child actor. While acting is a huge passion of Celina’s, outside of work she enjoys hobbies like reading, spending time with friends, writing stories and traveling when possible.

Personal Life Details:

  • Enjoys reading, writing, spending time with friends
  • Cites parents and siblings as grounding influences
  • Stays humble despite early fame and success
  • Leads relatively normal life for a 12 year old
  • Gets to travel for work opportunities

In interviews about her experience on Annie Live! and The Lion King, Celina has always spoken very highly of her co-stars and expressed appreciation for those supporting her career. Many adult performers she has worked with often speak about how professional and polite Celina acts on set. It’s clear those around her are impressed with both her talent and character.

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Celina Smith’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Celina Smith has achieved an incredible amount already as an actress and singer at just 12 years old. After displaying promising talent starting at age 5, she spent years honing her craft through lessons and community theatre productions near her Los Angeles home.

After landing her first voice acting job in 2019 and small cameo appearances in shows like Modern Family, her breakthrough arrived when she auditioned for and booked the iconic lead role in Annie Live!

The opportunity to play Annie on a huge televised stage helped propel Celina into new levels of fame and positive exposure. Now she’s a known name amongst theatre fans and has over 500k Instagram followers keeping up with her work.

Industry insiders believe Celina has a very bright future ahead given her skills and work ethic:

Quotes from Industry Experts:

Celina is exceptionally talented for her age – from her first audition, I knew she had that special IT factor. I can’t wait to see her career take off. – Casting Director

Her vocal control and emotional range is unbelievable for a 12 year old. The sky is the limit for Celina! – Talent Manager

Her Career So Far

  • Professional training since age 5
  • First voice acting job at age 9
  • Breakout lead role at age 10 in Annie Live!
  • 500k+ Instagram fans at just 12 years old
  • Praised by veterans in entertainment industry

Celina Smith possesses maturity and discipline well beyond her years. With the guidance and support of her family, she seems destined to blossom into a force in the industry with the potential to develop into an icon like young stars Reese Witherspoon or Jodie Foster.

Social Media Presence and Influence of Celina Smith

As a rising Gen Z star born in the era of social media, having an online presence has become a key part of building a brand and connecting with modern audiences. Celina Smith has quickly adapted to utilizing platforms like Instagram and TikTok to give fans a glimpse into her life and career.

As of March 2022, 12 year old Celina has cultivated over 550k followers on Instagram. She shares fun behind-the-scenes images and videos from projects she’s working on while also showing off her bubbly personality through dances, trendy audios and captions engaging with fans.

In the past year especially, her follower account and overall engagement has skyrocketed thanks to her breakout role in Annie Live! and first original pop single Best Friend’s Couch. She’s proven surprisingly savvy when it comes to viral trends and winning over internet fans.

A scroll through the comments on her posts shows widespread support with young followers inspired by the idea of following their acting or musical dreams like Celina. As she continues to land big roles, her influence as a role model for children around the world will most likely grow.

Celina Smith’s Growing Social Media Presence:

  • 550k Instagram followers as of March 2022
  • Posts fun BTS photos and videos from acting gigs
  • Creates dances and trends for fan engagement
  • Releases original pop singles to reach new online fans
  • Serves as role model for kids with artistic ambitions

As one of the first generations expected to grow up with and leverage social media, Celina Smith has all the tools to connect with a huge audience for years to come.


Given her early success, young star Celina Smith seems poised for even greater fame and fortune in the coming years. As she continues landing high-profile acting roles and releasing original music, her income at just age 13 in 2024 could grow exponentially. Factoring potential TV/film projects, music deals, lucrative brand sponsorships and a wildly popular social media presence, Celina’s estimated net worth by 2024 might reasonably exceed $5 million. For a former small-town girl who found her passion for performing at just 5 years old, seeing her net worth multiply to millions by her teens shows Celina Smith’s incredible early trajectory in entertainment.

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