Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Embracing Gained Body Weight: Living Unapologetically!

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Embracing Gained Body Weight: Living Unapologetically!

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been famous for more than twenty years. She started acting when she was a child and has been nominated for a Golden Globe award.

Nowadays, people notice her not just for her acting but also for how her body sometimes changes. Recently, she gained weight, especially after having her third child in 2021.

Despite criticism from others, she’s spoken out confidently against it. She wants all women to ignore negative comments and feel good about themselves, regardless of their size.

Decades in the Public Eye Bring Relentless Body Scrutiny

Hewitt became famous on TV in the late 80s and early 90s for being in kids’ shows like “Kids Incorporated” and “Shaky Ground.” She got noticed when she played Julie James in the scary movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 1997.

This made her very popular. But being famous also meant people paid much attention to how she looked. When she was only 18, there were rumors that she had surgery to make her breasts bigger.

This rumor followed her for a long time. Even though this happened, she still got a lot of praise for her acting in movies and TV shows for the next 20 years.

During all this time, photographers and magazines were always talking about her weight, her relationships, when she had babies, and as she got older.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gained Weight: Is Her Pregnancy the Cause?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gained Weight: Is Her Pregnancy the Cause

In 2021, when Hewitt was 42 years old, she had her third child, named Aidan James. While she was pregnant, she kept working on her popular TV show “9-1-1”. Some fans wondered if her gaining weight was because of her pregnancy, like her character Maddie on the show.

But Hewitt cleared up the rumors with an explanation.

Initially, I didn’t realize my pregnancy while filming the drama. But then, the 9-1-1 star found herself pregnant in real [life],” she told reporters.

So while Hewitt’s weight gain story aligned with her television pregnancy, the actual post-partum pounds stemmed from mothering an infant in her 40s.

Still, the actress faced ongoing commentary about her curvier figure.

When asked if she would clap back at body-shamers, she replied:

“I feel like at this point in my career and life, I don’t have to defend myself against that.”

How Did Jennifer React to Her Weight Gain?

She can’t escape people criticizing her body in public. This happened to Hewitt in 2008 when pictures came out of her enjoying herself on a Hawaiian vacation.

She looked a bit heavier while wearing a bikini at the beach. Many people on the internet and in the media focused on her body and said unkind things about it. It hurt her feelings a lot.

“It’s incredibly hurtful,” she told PEOPLE magazine.

But this time, the now veteran actress takes a more defiant stance against the unsolicited noise.

When asked about dealing with ongoing pregnancy speculation and weight comments, she voiced her frustration:

“I’ve sat through too many conversations that start with ‘I know you’re going to find this funny,’ and end with something about my size.”

Rather than brush it off, Hewitt directly calls out problematic cultural obsessions with being a size two or zero. “Beauty isn’t a size. It’s a feeling and an energy,” she declares.

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What Is Jennifer’s Workout Routine and Approach to Losing Weight?

What Is Jennifer’s Workout Routine and Approach to Losing Weight

Jennifer Hewitt remains confident and loves herself, but she also works hard to stay healthy after having a baby.

Before, she focused on getting fit by working out in the mornings before going to work. Now, after her daughter Autumn was born, she’s back to exercising vigorously.

She even includes Autumn by carrying her while doing squats and playing music for her. This way, Jennifer can take care of her baby and herself at the same time.

She doesn’t believe in crash diets but prefers a balanced and sustainable approach to staying well. Jennifer’s main goal is to feel healthy and confident every day.

When asked how she lost weight after having her baby, she said feeling good was more important than any special diet or routine.

Jennifer thinks self-care is more about mental well-being and loving yourself than worrying about your dress size. She believes she looks the best when she’s the happiest.

Final Thoughts

Despite facing criticism and experiencing changes in weight due to her three childbirths, Jennifer Love Hewitt remains confident and true to herself.

She proudly embraces her real mom’s body on social media, sharing genuine photos and updates with her followers.

Captioning her bikini shots, she declares, “This is me. The real me. #nofilter #noretouching #love.” Hewitt gained around 30 pounds during her most recent pregnancy.

But she stayed spiritually and mentally healthy and in tune with her self-care mantras:

  • “Don’t dim your light for anyone.”
  • “Beauty isn’t a size.”
  • Feel most beautiful when you feel happiest.

She talks like someone who has learned how to live well, be confident, and accept her body without feeling sorry, even when lots of people are watching.

Her confident behavior inspires women who feel bad because of beauty standards and people criticizing their bodies, which still happens in 2023.

Hewitt’s message is still the same: Love yourself before thinking about your weight, and everything else will fall into place.

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