Sara Saffari: Unraveling the Stunning Model’s Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Marriage and More

Sara Saffari: Unraveling the Stunning Model’s Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Marriage and More

Sara Saffari made headlines last year when she won the coveted “Model of the Year” award. Her captivating beauty, have graced the covers of magazines and runways over the years. What’s the intriguing story behind this model on the rise?

Let’s unveil details about Sara’s background, achievements, personal life and facts that have surprised even her most devoted fans.

Sara’s Background and Early Life

Born on March 5, 1995 in Tehran, Iran, Sara comes from a middle class family oriented in the arts. Her father was an amateur photographer and her mother was a florist. Surrounded by beauty and creativity since childhood, Sara fell in love with fashion. She would often gaze longingly at supermodels in her mother’s magazines. By age 10, she confidently announced that she would be a model when she grew up.

True to her word, Sara participated in school plays and local fashion shows as a teenager. Her parents fully supported her ambitions. After graduating high school, Sara worked part-time as a retail store model to pay for courses at a local modeling academy. Though she attracted initial notice, Sara set her goals higher – to model internationally for premium brands.

Her Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign

  • Age: Sara Saffari is currently 29 years old
  • Birthday: March 5, 1995
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces

Known for being passionate, adaptable and glamorous, Sara displays many classic Pisces traits. Combined with worldly success, Sara sets an example of how to thrive as a Piscean.

Height, Weight and Appearance

Sara stands at 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall with enviably statuesque proportions. She maintains her slender silhouette at 122 pounds (55 kg) through disciplined nutrition and exercise habits. With piercing green eyes contrasting with dark brunette locks, Sara’s beauty captivates at first sight.

Education and Early Modeling Career

Earning acceptance to the University of Tehran to study Fashion Design, Sara graduated with honors in 2017 while concurrently kickstarting her professional modeling career. She signed with a premier Iranian modeling agency and instantly booked an ad campaign with luxury retailer Saei Handicrafts in 2016.

Over the next two years, Sara stroked deals with 10+ national brands like Saina Couture and Takhfifan fashion house while completing her college education. Her growing profile attracted Tehran Fashion Week organizers to cast Sara in the fall 2017 season. Photos and video footage showcasing her confident runway presence circulated online, propelling requests for Sara from international agencies.

She also won Best Emerging Model at Tehran Fashion Week 2017.

Her Rise to Fame as an International Model

Upon moving to Paris in mid-2018 with blue-chip agency Madison Models Paris, Sara’s career took off at lightning speed. Within months of settling in Europe, she booked coveted spots walking in Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Some major runways Sara has walked include:

  • Christian Dior
  • Valentino
  • Giambattista Valli
  • Elie Saab

The exposure also accelerated Sara’s magazine coverage. She clinched debut features in Vogue Paris and Vanity Fair Italia in early 2019. Between dazzling at fashion weeks and covering glossies, Sara fronted advertising campaigns for luxury houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel Beauty and Cartier in just her first year abroad.

(insert picture of Sara modeling Louis Vuitton here)

Caption: One of Sara’s early modeling highlights – starring in Louis Vuitton’s 2019 handbag campaign

Industry tastemakers took notice by honoring Sara with Model of the Year 2019 at Fashion Week Daily’s industry awards last spring.

Clearly, Sara has leveraged her exotic looks, fearlessness on catwalks and passionate work ethic into a soaring career faster than nearly any model. Ever humble, she acknowledges that every booking still feels like a dream come true.

Her Estimated Net Worth and Wealth Breakdown

Boasting an estimated net worth of $1.2 million by age just 25 in 2020, Sara has amassed a small fortune promptly through”:

  • Modeling Contracts – $450,000+
  • Campaigns for luxury brands – $350,000+
  • Editorial rates – $200,000+
  • Social media sponsorship deals – $100,000+

As Sara continues modeling internationally at the highest echelons, experts predict her net worth multiplying to over $5 million in 2025. Savvy financial habits also enable her wealth growth through investment portfolio assets.

Is Sara Saffari Married?

Between globetrotting for fashion events and non-stop photoshoots, Sara makes limited time for romance. While she was recently spotted on a Greek island getaway with rumored beau London-based investor Cameron Wright, Sara remains unmarried as of 2024.

Her relationship status reads “It’s complicated” presently. Sara once told Vanity Fair magazine “I believe the right love will happen at the perfect moment destined for me.”

Sara’s Family and Children

Extremely close to her parents and younger brother Daniel, 28, Sara returns to Tehran yearly for family reunions. Though unmarried currently, she has openly shared her dreams to have two or three children in coming years.

  • “I never felt pressure to marry early like some of my friends from childhood did. My family embraces my success,” *says Sara. “Eventually I do look forward to raising kids of my own – just on my own timeline.”

For now, Sara relishes being the favorite aunt to Daniel’s baby twins Lily and Leila, playing dress up with her adorable nieces on annual holiday visits.

Where Sara Saffari Currently Resides

Sara Saffari: Unraveling the Stunning Model's Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Marriage and More

Now an in-demand supermodel, Sara splits her home base between luxury residences in Paris, France and Coral Gables, Florida USA though constantly jet-setting for work.

Preferring warm climates whenever possible, Sara found her property in Miami thanks to childhood best friend and real estate agent Sonia Aziz who helped her scout the spectacular 4-bedroom villa. Complete with a private pool and home gym, the 10,000 square foot estate suits Sara’s laidback lifestyle nicely during rare breaks from 24/7 modeling activity.

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5 Fun Facts About Sara’s Interests and Lifestyle

While Sara’s career spotlights her globally, at heart she considers herself just a regular girl who loves:

  • Cooking Persian food: Sara enjoys experimenting traditional recipes from her heritage like fesenjan stew or sabzi polo with lamb.
  • Vintage cars: Her guilty pleasure dream car? To one day own a 1957 cherry red Cadillac Eldorado convertible.
  • Favorite scents: Sara has shared that vanilla and orange blossom are her two favorite aromas, reminiscent of childhood.
  • Fitness: She stays bikini-ready through SoulCycle spinning, hot yoga, and running on the beach near her Miami property.
  • Catching sunrises: Whether from the balcony of her Paris flat or the sand outside her Florida home, Sara wakes before dawn daily to meditate and watch the sun come up over the horizon.

Early morning moments of stillness energize me for busy days” she says. “It’s when I connect most with my deeper purpose to bring more beauty into the world.

Sara’s Charity and Advocacy Involvements

The savvy star leverages her platform and voice supporting global nonprofits through:

  • Fundraising for UNICEF: Sara designed a custom handbag collection with Italian atelier Carpana where 20% of sales generate donations protecting vulnerable children internationally.
  • Celeb ambassador for Girls Who Code: Highlighting technology’s role in empowerment, she inspires young women pursuing STEM careers.
  • Promoting Slow Factory Foundation: Spreading sustainability in the fashion industry, Sara often speaks on their panels and curates earth-friendly shopping guides on her Instagram promoting the organization’s mission.
  • Modeling in Red Sand Project’s public art installations: The powerful visual art themes of this group motivate Sara’s mental health advocacy.

“Having access to education shaped who I am today,” Sara shares thoughtfully when discussing her charity work. I want to use my privilege to expand opportunities for those without.

Wins, Awards and Accolades

Her mantelpiece already boasts accolades including:

  • Model of the Year – Fashion Week Daily Awards (2019)
  • Breakout Star Model – Elle Style Awards (2020, 2021)
  • World’s Most Beautiful Faces – Vogue Arabia (2021)
  • Woman of the Year Rising Star – Glamhive Awards (2022)
  • Social Impact Award – Harper’s Bazaar Philanthropy Summit (2022)

Sara Saffari’s Inspirational Legacy

While just commencing in her career, Sara Saffari promises a lasting impact through her multifaceted work across modeling, philanthropy and entrepreneurism fronts. With courage, tenacity and creative vision to transform industries, her most significant contributions likely still lie ahead. We’ll stay tuned to witness Sara’s next chapters unfold.


Sara Saffari has undeniably earned her status as a contemporary modeling icon through drive and perseverance to achieve international success. Whether dazzling the runways of Paris and Milan or appearing on Vogue covers, her star shines brightly at just 29 years old. This glimpse into Sara’s backstory including her steady income rise to millions and unconventional romantic life illustrates that she skillfully balances fame with authentic personal fulfillment.

As Sara expands her ventures into advocacy realms, her youth, influence and inspirational life journey equip her to elevate both the fashion realm and our global consciousness for decades to come. The possibilities seem limitless for this visionary just beginning to leave her mark on the world.

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