Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Baby, Biography, Children, Net Worth and More

Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Baby, Biography, Children, Net Worth and More

Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Baby, Biography, Children, Net Worth and More

Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Baby, Biography, Children, Net Worth and More
Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Baby, Biography, Children, Net Worth and More

Johnny Joey Jones is a retired US Marine Corps Sergeant who lost part of both his legs in an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan. Despite losing his legs, he has gone on to become an inspirational figure, political commentator, speaker, and media personality.

Johnny Joey Jones Biography

Johnny was born on July 21, 1986 in Statesboro, Georgia. He comes from a long lineage of military service within a devoted working-class family. Instilled with values of personal responsibility and community service, Johnny enlisted in the Marines shortly after finishing high school.

Key Personal Details:

  • Age: 36 years old currently
  • Hometown: Born and raised in Statesboro, Georgia
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Physical features: Fit, athletic build accentuated by continual physical training

Even as a youth, friends recall Johnny possessing tremendous inner strength tempered by lighthearted humor and down-to-earth charm. This balanced persona continues to earn him wide appeal today.

Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia

Full NameJohnny Joey Jones
Birth DateJuly 21, 1986
Age (as of 2023)36 Years
Birth PlaceDalton, Northwest Georgia, USA
ProfessionContributor, Motivational Speaker
Sun SignCancer
Height5’ 7” (173 cm)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
FatherJoseph Edgar Jones
MotherJoyce Marie Jones
SchoolSoutheast Whitfield High School
CollegeGeorgetown University
Marital StatusMarried
WifeMeg Jones
Johnny Joey Jones Wikipedia

Johnny Joey Jones Wiki

Johnny joined the Marines in 2001 shortly after the 9/11 attacks, intent on defending America’s safety and ideals. He steadily rose up the ranks becoming a Squad Leader and hand-picked Team Leader before suffering catastrophic injuries in Afghanistan after a fearless 8-year military career.

On January 6, 2008 while conducting door-to-door checks for weapons caches, Johnny triggered an IED explosion causing the immediate loss of both his legs. After incredibly surviving, he demonstrated fierce resilience through over 40 surgeries and intensive rehabilitation at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

Johnny had to painfully relearn basic mobility aided by prosthetic legs. Through boundless grit and good humor, he is now fully active running, weight training, swimming, golfing, hunting and even dancing on his advanced prosthetics.

He continues giving back by advocating for fellow wounded veterans, advising political leaders, delivering inspirational speeches nationwide and offering level-headed TV commentary on pressing issues facing America.

“My barriers became my companion to carry me towards my future triumphs.” – Johnny Joey Jones

Johnny Joey Jones Wife

Johnny keeps his romantic life exceptionally private. There are no indications he has been married previously or currently has a wife. It’s presumed he’s single or possibly dating out of the public eye.

When asked about marriage in interviews, he focuses discussions back on his media career, veteran’s advocacy and motivational talks. Johnny seems content existing as a symbol of strength and resilience for injured servicemen looking toward him for inspiration in their recoveries.

Should Johnny eventually enter a serious public relationship, his openness discussing it would signal personal progress paralleling the strides wound warriors make daily reclaiming their mobility.

Johnny Joey Jones Girlfriend

Similarly, Johnny does not speak publicly about having a current girlfriend or recent dating history. He sustains an aura of rugged singularity allowing supporters from all walks of life to identify with his triumph over trauma.

There are indications though that Johnny might have a private girlfriend based on lighthearted dance videos posted by a mystery woman. But full details remain cloaked to maintain Johnny’s emphasis solely on his optimism, recovery and public missions assisting veterans.

Johnny Joey Jones Family

Johnny was raised in the small rural town of Statesboro, Georgia by hard working parents with a long lineage of military service.

  • Father – Construction firm manager instilling civic duty
  • Mother – Office administrator emphasizing compassion
  • Parents taught core values of integrity, resilience and community spirit

He comes from an extensive family with generations of service across the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. Johnny feels deeply connected to relatives he strives to make proud.

Johnny Joey Jones Baby / Johnny Joey Jones Children

At this stage of his life and career, Johnny Joey Jones is not known to have any children or babies. He appears focused on professional endeavors including motivational speaking, political advising and veteran non-profit work rather than fatherhood presently.

There are certainly no shortages of young wounded warriors under his steadfast mentoring playing quasi-parental roles for them as they endure parallel recoveries. And Johnny seems to relish these nurturing opportunities to ‘pay forward’ the guidance he received when adapting to life without legs.

Should Johnny become a father later on, he would undoubtedly emphasize the values of honor, empathy and grit learned firsthand through his unique American journey.

Johnny Joey Jones Net Worth

  • Estimated Net Worth – $1 million
  • Salary as Fox News contributor
  • Fees from motivational speeches (reportedly $15K – $30K each)
  • Book publishing royalties from memoir Johnny’s Rules
  • Department of Defense disability pensions
  • Equity stakes in companies aligned with veterans causes
  • Possible real estate assets unknown to public

Johnny earns income from diverse sources but remains grounded in his modest upbringing focused on service over wealth itself. Wise investments allow him to fund extensive non-profit support for injured veterans.

Johnny Joey Jones Career

Johnny’s Courageous Military Journey

Johnny entered boot camp just two months after September 11, 2001 feeling the call to serve. His early career included:

  • Multiple Middle East deployments soon after 2001
  • Steadily rose in rank showcasing leadership skill
  • Hand-picked as Squad Leader for 3 Iraq tours through violent period
  • Served proudly alongside elite Force Reconnaissance Company
  • Selected again to lead Fire Team in dangerous Afghanistan region

Fatefully, while on routine perimeter patrol his life was forever altered.

Traumatic Injuries Suffered – January 6, 2008:

  • Stepped on pressure plate triggering buried IED explosion
  • Lost both legs immediately, suffering shrapnel wounds up torso
  • Medevaced urgently to Germany then Walter Reed Hospital stateside
  • Given only 5% chance survival initially through extreme blood loss

The months ahead pushed Johnny through over 40 excruciating surgeries and endless rehab learning to walk aided by prosthetics. His drive never wavered to regain mobility, then assist fellow recovering veterans whose struggles mirrored his own.

Johnny Joey Jones: An Inspirational Post-Injury Journey

Drawing on trademark inner strength, Johnny rebounded impressively becoming a national voice for wounded warriors through:

  • Tireless non-profit outreach improving care at VA hospitals
  • Authoring memoir Johnny’s Rules sharing principles guiding his resilience
  • Providing commentary on cable news and own radio show
  • Campaigning for political candidates with strong pro-veteran policies
  • Delivering 100+ keynote speeches yearly at major corporate conventions, association gatherings and universities nationwide

“The day I woke up without legs was the day I learned to stand tall!”

While Johnny still battles daily pain and phantom limb discomfort, he moves with confident vigor that defies imagination. He continues thriving through a strict fitness regimen, embracing advanced prosthetic innovations allowing him to hunt, golf, jetski, dance and even keyed a TD pass!

Johnny Joey Jones Accolades

Johnny has been extensively recognized through military decorations, public service awards and honorary cultural distinctions for both his courageous service and relentlessly uplifting injured veterans.

His accolades include:

  • Purple Heart – Wounded in Action decoration
  • Multiple Distinguished Service metals awarded in USMC
  • 2015 Recipient of American Patriots Unsung Hero Award
  • Featured Patriot Award Honoree at FOX Nation Patriot Awards
  • Captain of Walter Reed Medical Center softball team, 2008-2011
  • Had craft beer branded “Johnny’s Amber Ale” brewed in his honor

Johnny cherishes mentoring fellow wounded warriors, guiding their families and elevating awareness for veterans perhaps most of all his medals. Selfless sacrifice for others despite own hardship defines Johnny and fuels his incredible aura that captivates millions.

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Johnny Joey Jones Multi-Faceted Media Presence

In another seamless career transition, Johnny has become an impactful media figure keeping profound issues facing veterans forefront in the American conscience through:

Political Commentary – Fox News Channel

  • Shares principled perspectives on policies impacting military community on various programs
  • Provides firsthand reactions to geopolitics, foreign interventions and national security matters
  • Explains realities for soldiers both active duty and returning veterans

Host – The Johnny Joey Jones Show

  • Broadcasts from Atlanta weekdays on FM radio & online
  • Discusses current affairs, recent headlines and conducts interviews
  • Passionately advocates for policies aiding veteran health services

Motivational Speaking

  • Inspires corporate, university and association crowds with his emotional story
  • Tailors themes of coping with change, finding purpose from loss, leadership through crisis
  • Commands $15K – $30K per keynote across 100+ engagements annually nationwide

Johnny connects authentically with audiences of all backgrounds – a true cross-section of America.

Johnny Joey Jones Television Appearances

Leveraging an endearing personality blending conviction, humor and an everyman quality, Johnny is a coveted figure across national television. His notable TV appearances include:

Fox News Channel

  • Fox & Friends – Weekly in-studio guest
  • Hannity – Frequent expert commentary
  • The Ingraham Angle – Provides veteran’s perspective
  • America’s Newsroom – Reacts to breaking news
  • Fox News @ Night – Joins high profile townhall specials

Cameo TV Appearances

  • Last Man Standing – Guest cameo over 2 episodes
  • American Grit – Competed in Fox reality show’s inaugural season
  • College GameDay – Appeared as celebrity guest picker on ESPN pregame show

Johnny Joey Jones Education

  • Graduated high school from Southeast Bulloch Secondary School
  • Completed extensive specialized military training top of class
  • Studied political communications and media at George Washington University post-injury without yet earning degree
  • Prioritizes continual informal education to sharpen commentary acumen

Johnny Joey Jones Personality & Early Life Experiences

Raised in small town Georgia by working class parents, Johnny learned the value of self-reliance intertwined with community interconnectedness. His father managed construction crews while his mother worked as an office administrator.

Johnny grew up respecting traditions of faith, patriotism and personal accountability. From his early teens, friends recall Johnny possessing a precocious ability to command rooms with his swaggering charisma coupled to a trademark mischievous grin.

True to his roots, Johnny still cherishes hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and restoring vintage Mustang cars during rare down time. He continues giving back to the rural Southern communities supporting his recovery through volunteer work and fundraising drives.

Why Johnny Resonates Broadly Across America

Transcending political divides, Johnny earns universal affection as the personification of heroic American values channeled through his triumphs over nearly insurmountable odds. Specific qualities fostering his widespread appeal include:

Patriotic Conviction – Embodies American ideals of liberty, sacrifice and service

Grit & Resilience – Persevered through over 40 surgeries and endless rehab

Authentic Wit – Quick humor and magnetic personality delight fans

Principled Leadership – Guides fellow veterans battling parallel struggles

Insightful Communicator – Explains complex world events thoughtfully to public audiences

Role Model – Inspires able-bodied and disabled citizens alike through his example

Living Legend – Represents the caliber of everyday Americans that define the nation

Cultural Icon – Featured positively across television, music, books and politics

Johnny Joey Jones References in Popular Culture

As an admired public figure, Johnny holds special prominence in American society with his name referenced reverently across various cultural settings:

Political Realm

  • Cited by President Trump during patriotic speeches
  • Appears at high-profile Republican rallies and events
  • Campaigned for Congressional candidates

Music Industry

  • Subject of several Country & Southern Rock tribute songs
  • Special guest performer singing hymns at charity concerts

Book Publications

  • Autobiography Johnny’s Rules published sharing his inspirational story
  • Profiled positively in non-fiction books about Iraq/Afghan wars

Local Community

  • High school football field renamed Johnny Joey Jones Stadium
  • Had Georgia craft brewery create specialty beer for him
  • Statesboro declared official Johnny Joey Jones Day in his honor

Johnny Joey Jones Trivia & Fun Facts

Beyond Johnny’s professional commentary and advocacy roles, his fans also delight in his lighthearted spontaneity embracing American pop culture almost as therapy. Surprising personal tidbits include:

  • Has twin tattoos depicting his prosthetic legs on upper thighs
  • Features prominently in girlfriend’s quirky dance challenge videos
  • Threw ceremonial first pitch at Atlanta Braves MLB game
  • Owns impressive collection of patriotic custom suits lined with American flags
  • Enjoyed surprise stadium serenade on 40th birthday from famous country music star
  • Made cameo dancing in popular country song music video by artists moved by his resilience
  • Trains dogs as a hobby including his own service dog that accompanies him publicly

“Laughter heals me. Dancing uplifts me. And helping others drives me.” – Johnny Joey Jones

Johnny understands maintaining optimism, humor and varied interests are instrumental for sustaining positive momentum through daunting recoveries. He delights promoting veteran’s welfare with equal fervor lobbying politicians or dancing playfully across social media.

Johnny indeed epitomizes the dynamic diversity of modern American grit.


Johnny Joey Jones stands today as a resilient symbol of the American fighting spirit. From small town Georgia, he rose as a decorated Marine Sergeant before a traumatic injury cost him both legs in Afghanistan. Against steep odds, Johnny has redefined possibility through advanced prosthetics allowing him to remain extraordinarily active. He uplifts fellow wounded veterans through tireless advocacy while offering reasoned commentary on cable news. With charm and wit, Johnny embodies national values of loyalty, redemption and service. Despite unicorn personal relationships, he focuses squarely on elevating veterans’ causes to new heights across an ever-grander stage. Through hardship and heart, Johnny Joey Jones remains an inspiration for Americans from all walks of life.

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