Who is Judy McCarthy? Get to Know the Wife of Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Who is Judy McCarthy? Get to Know the Wife of Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Judy McCarthy has been thrust into the political spotlight as her husband Kevin McCarthy runs for Speaker of the House.

As a prominent Republican Congressman, Kevin McCarthy’s political career impacts his wife as well. So who is the woman behind this powerful politician?

53-year-old Judy McCarthy was born Judith Anne Primus in 1970. Not much is known about her early life, but public records show she hails from an American family with white ethnicity. 

She met Kevin McCarthy while they both attended California State University Bakersfield. After dating for several years, the couple got married in 1992 when Judy was 22 years old.

Judy McCarthy’s Age and Vital Statistics

Judy McCarthy's Age and Vital Statistics

Judy Anne Primus was born in 1970 in Bakersfield, California. She is currently 53 years old. Her exact birthdate and zodiac sign are not publicly known.

Details on Judy’s physical stats like height and weight also remain undisclosed. She leads a private life outside of the political sphere.

In terms of nationality and ethnicity, Judy identifies as American with white ancestral background. Her family has lived in the United States for generations.

The McCarthy family identifies as Roman Catholic and attends church services regularly. Religion plays an understated role in their public political activities.

Judy McCarthy’s Family and Upbringing

Details about Judy McCarthy’s parents or siblings have not been made public. But Kevin McCarthy was born and raised in Bakersfield, California to a working-class family. 

It’s likely Judy also comes from a similar background as the pair met in their hometown in their youth.

Kevin was born to devout Catholic and Democratic parents. His father was a firefighter while his mother worked as a deli clerk. Kevin switched affiliation to the Republican party in the 80s during college.

It is unconfirmed if Judy’s parents share the same careers or political leanings as Kevin’s family. But small towns like Bakersfield foster close-knit communities. 

The families likely knew each other through church or local events before Kevin and Judy paired up.

Judy and Kevin McCarthy were college sweethearts who tied the knot soon after graduation. They have two children together – a son named Connor and a daughter named Meghan. 

Connor and Meghan McCarthy were born in 1996 and 1993 respectively.

Judy McCarthy’s Education Background

Alongside future husband Kevin, Judy McCarthy attended California State University Bakersfield for college. She studied education and earned a teaching credential there.

Kevin double majored in business and engineering at CSUB. He quickly took a liking to politics and became active in the Young Republicans club on campus.

Judy and Kevin graduated college the same year in 1992. Judy went on to work as a teacher for a few years before starting a family. She likely focused on elementary education based on her specialization.

Details about Judy’s high school education have not emerged. But given her long-term residence in Bakersfield, she probably attended one of the local public schools like Foothill High School or North High School.

The McCarthy’s have commented little publicly about their educational histories. But their trajectory as college sweethearts to accomplished family suggests strong academic drive from early on.

Judy McCarthy’s Initial Relationship With Kevin

Judy McCarthy's Initial Relationship With Kevin

Judy and Kevin McCarthy first connected as undergrads at CSUB in the late 80s. They discovered shared ties given their Bakersfield upbringing and friend circles. Their bond blossomed into romance by senior year.

In 1988, Kevin co-founded the California Young Republicans club and acted as chairman. The organization aided George H.W. Bush’s presidential campaign that year. Judy likely participated as well given her burgeoning relationship with Kevin.

Their early courtship days consisted of attending classes, club meetings, and Republican events together on campus. 

Romance bloomed through impassioned political talks over coffee dates.

After college, the pair stayed in Bakersfield as Kevin built his career and Judy taught locally. 

Despite busy schedules they made time for each other, ultimately forging a permanent bond.

Judy McCarthy and Kevin McCarthy’s Marriage

In 1992, Kevin won election to the California State Assembly at age 27. That same year, he and 22 year old Judy decided to tie the knot.

They wed in a intimate Catholic church ceremony in their hometown of Bakersfield, surrounded by family and friends. Judy donned a classic white wedding gown while Kevin wore a black tuxedo.

Soon they settled into married life in Bakersfield. Judy began teaching elementary school while supporting Kevin’s burgeoning political occupation. She attended campaign fundraisers, community events, and functions alongside her husband.

Once Kevin became established in the State Assembly, he set his sights on higher offices. In 2001 he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. Judy again provided ground support for his campaign.

Kevin narrowly won the Congressional race by less than 2%. After the strenuous campaign Judy welcomed the slower pace of life as a Congresswoman’s spouse in Washington D.C.

Today the McCarthys remain happily wed after over 30 years together. 

Judy acts as confidant and stability for Kevin as he contends for Speaker of the House. Through stressful jobs and public scrutiny, their marriage stays firmly grounded.

Judy McCarthy’s Children With Kevin McCarthy

Judy and Kevin McCarthy have two grown children together – Connor and Meghan McCarthy.

Their son Connor McCarthy was born in 1996, four years into the couple’s marriage. 

He attended public schools in Bakersfield alongside his younger sister Meghan.

As a child, Connor occasionally appeared at his father’s campaign events and Congressional functions. But as he grew older he gravitated away from politics to pursue his own interests like rugby in college.

The McCarthys also have a daughter named Meghan McCarthy, born in 1993. She maintained a similar low profile through high school before leaving home for university studies.

Kevin has commented that his biggest priority after being elected was spending time with his young children. He kept the family based in friendly Bakersfield for years until work necessitated a move.

Now as adults, Connor and Meghan lead private lives away from the political arena. They offer strong support for their father as he runs for Speaker. 

The whole McCarthy family values their privacy and aims to stay out of headlines.

Judy McCarthy’s Role as a Political Wife

As the wife of the House Majority Leader and potentially the next Speaker, Judy McCarthy plays an important role behind the scenes. She often joins Kevin on the campaign trail to fundraisers and public events.

Friends describe Judy as outgoing with an assertive personality. These traits likely help her fulfill the social obligations required of a high-profile politician’s wife. While supportive, Judy is also protective of her family’s privacy.

“She has always been in the background, just low-key,” says political commentator James Hunt in an interview with The Post.

While not a public figure herself, Judy reportedly hosts meetings and events for Republican women. Her outgoing nature assists Kevin’s political dealings.

During campaigns, Judy McCarthy passes out flyers, greets supporters, and promotes her 

husband’s credentials. At fundraising events she mingles with donors and party elites to raise money and votes.

At Kevin’s election celebrations and political functions, Judy plays the role of perfect hostess. She ensures guests feel welcomed as she navigates conversations.

Behind closed doors, friends say Judy offers Kevin astute feedback on policies and speeches. She follows political news closely thanks to Kevin’s career. Judy also provides calm when things grow stressful for the Congressman.

Though Judy avoids directly serving in politics, she employs her skills to propel Kevin’s ambitions. She accepts the public eye as required while focusing on protecting family.

Judy McCarthy’s Career and Net Worth

Judy McCarthy graduated from California State University Bakersfield with a teaching credential. She worked as a teacher for several years before starting a family.

Little else is known about Judy’s career path in the years since. She took time off for parenting duties once Connor and Meghan were born. Some sources report she continued teaching locally in Bakersfield off-and-on.

For the most part Judy McCarthy devotes time to supporting Kevin’s role in Congress over any independent career goals. As the spouse of a high-ranking Congressman, many political commitments take priority.

The McCarthy’s collective net worth sits around $12 million – mainly accumulated through Kevin’s political dealings and property assets. 

He brings home an impressive $174,000 Congressional salary while also receiving funds from investments, speaking fees, and other side projects.

As Kevin’s scope of influence grows wider in Congress, so does his net worth. The family owns beautiful residences in Sacramento and their hometown of Bakersfield worth over $2 million combined.

While not earning an independent income, Judy contributes as confidant and campaigner toward her husband’s wealth. Her sacrifices to further Kevin’s career directly enable their luxurious lifestyle.

Judy McCarthy’s Presence on Social Media

Compared to many politician’s wives, Judy McCarthy adopts a very low profile on social media. She does not hold any public accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Kevin McCarthy frequently promotes his political activity via his verified Twitter and Instagram pages. But Judy shies away from the limelight online.

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