What Happened to Alyssa Rupp Bohenek?

What Happened to Alyssa Rupp Bohenek?

Who is Alyssa Rupp Bohenek?

Alyssa Rupp Bohenek, 32 years old, is a controversial third grade teacher at Valley View Elementary School located in Livingston County, Michigan. She has worked in education for over 5 years across various elementary school grade levels.

Alyssa completed a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Eastern Michigan University. Prior to her current role, she taught second grade for 3 years at a neighboring school district. 

She then spent 2 years teaching first grade at Valley View before taking on her current third grade teaching responsibilities.

According to past students and peers, Alyssa had a reputation for having strict standards and old-school, no-nonsense teaching methods. 

She was known to hand out stern punishments like making misbehaving kids put their heads down on their desks or miss recess time. 

Still, before this incident, there were no serious outstanding complaints or disciplinary issues documented against Alyssa.

As a third grade teacher, her key duties and obligations include:

  • Planning, developing and delivering lesson plans across subjects like:
    • Mathematics
    • English & Reading Comprehension
    • Science
    • Social Studies & History
  • Creating assignments, activities, and projects to engage students
  • Evaluating student progress through:
    • Quizzes
    • Tests
    • Papers
    • Presentations
  • Maintaining order and productive focus in the classroom environment
  • Enforcing school conduct rules and administering disciplinary measures when needed
  • Communicating with parents and guardians about student performance
  • Adhering to state educational standards and testing policies
  • Participating in regular teacher training and licensing renewal classes

Alyssa was responsible for educating classes of around 22-25 students at a time across her teaching career. Third graders who she taught were usually ages 8-9 years old.

The Incident That Sparked Nationwide Controversy

The Incident That Sparked Nationwide Controversy

On February 8th, 2023, the controversy began after a disturbing incident between Alyssa and one of her 9-year-old students, Kamdyn Piland.

Earlier in week, Alyssa had administered to her class a math test covering subjects she had explicitly gone over in previous lessons on multiplication, division, adding fractions. 

When grading the tests, she realized Kamdyn had gotten a question wrong regarding simplified fractions – a concept Alyssa had stressed repeatedly.

She asked Kamdyn to stay inside during recess so they could discuss the incorrect answer. In front of the entire class, a visibly irritated Alyssa scolded Kamdyn harshly for failing to grasp a “simple” topic covered multiple times. 

She then dramatically tore up Kamdyn’s test paper as the shocked student began sobbing.

A classmate sitting nearby witnessed the entire incident and later described Alyssa’s reaction as “super scary” and that Kamdyn left the room hysterically crying.

When Kamdyn returned home from school, her father Christopher Piland realized something was terribly wrong seeing his normally cheerful daughter so distraught. 

After Kamdyn explained through anguished tears what had happened, Christopher grew increasingly angry. He contacted the school administrators and left urgent messages demanding a meeting about Alyssa Rupp Bohenek’s reprehensible behavior.

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Online Outrage, Shock and Disappointment

When Christopher Piland recounted what occurred with his daughter on social media platforms, the story quickly went viral nationwide. 

Thousands began commenting, expressing outrage over how an educator could act so ruthlessly toward a child over a math quiz.

Many described feeling extremely concerned that someone with such judgmental tendencies was in a position of authority and influence over impressionable young students. 

Teachers and parents emphasized how Alyssa’s reaction could spark lasting trauma, emotional damage, and negative association with education for kids Kamdyn’s age.

Overwhelming disappointment and frustration mounted that this third grade teacher would resort to what many categorized as “emotional abuse” just to punish relatively normal childlike mistakes. 

Questions mounted whether Alyssa possessed adequate patience and compassion to be molding young children’s formative learning experiences.

Harsh condemnations swirled accusing Alyssa of arrogance, cruelty and violating core standards of professional conduct expected of teachers. 

Critics characterized her as more of a schoolyard bully than ethical role model for children. 

Many expressed that although holding students accountable has merits, public shaming or destroying their work crosses serious ethical lines amounting to child mistreatment.

Sentiment arose that immediate steps needed taking to prevent Alyssa from mistreating more students, with calls for formal investigations and disciplinary consequences.

Petition Calling For Alyssa Rupp Bohenek’s Termination

In the days following the incident’s online virality, over 108,000 signatures amassed on a Change.org petition created by community members titled “Teacher Alyssa Rupp Bohenek at Valley View Elementary School: Fire Her Immediately”.

The petition’s mission spelled clearly:

“We are outraged over teacher Alyssa Rupp Bohenek’s callous display of arrogance and cruelty toward 9-year-old Kamdyn Piland at Valley View Elementary School. 

Her actions destroying a child’s worksheet over a quiz mistake constitutes abuse of authority and emotional manipulation. She has no business overseeing the social or academic development of young students. We demand Alyssa Rupp Bohenek face meaningful consequences through formal investigation and ultimately termination from her teaching position at Valley View Elementary.”

Supporters left impassioned arguments including:

“Teachers like Alyssa ruin learning for children and should not have access to impressionable kids!”

“Her disgusting power trip and judgmental attitude can cause life-long harm. She should NEVER teach again!”

“If my child attended Valley View I’d be terrified what this woman says or does to them behind closed doors.”

“Bohenek epitomizes everything broken about the education system and its lack of accountability.”

Even fellow educators commented:

“I’m a teacher too – Alyssa’s actions make all of us look terrible and compromise trust in the system.”

“She deserves to be stripped of credentials and charged with child endangerment.”

The school administration issued standard statements saying they were investigating the matter and could not comment publicly about personnel issues. 

But with media coverage intensifying daily and the petition gaining more signatures by the hour, pressure mounted to take clear action.

Common Questions About The Alyssa Rupp Bohenek Incident

In wake of intense public scrutiny, several common questions circulated regarding key details about those involved:

What grade was Kamdyn Piland in and how old was she at the time?

  • Kamdyn Piland was a third grade student aged just 9 years old when the incident with Alyssa Bohenek occurred.

What prior complaints or disciplinary issues did Alyssa have before this?

  • While considered a strict teacher, there were no serious issues documented in her 5+ year career until this incident.

What subject was the quiz on that Kamdyn got wrong?

  • The quiz was on math topics including multiplication, division, fractions – concepts Alyssa had covered repeatedly in class per lesson plans.

Are there specific school or district guidelines about handling student discipline issues?

  • Yes, educator codes of conduct emphasize that discipline should never involve physical/emotional harm including public humiliation tactics.

Does Valley View Elementary have authority to terminate teachers over policy violations?

  • Yes, school administrations can conduct investigations and terminate employment if findings show just cause.

Could legal charges be filed against Alyssa for student mistreatment?

  • Possibly – police could file child endangerment charges depending on investigation findings and family’s desire to press legal charges.

Alyssa Rupp Bohenek’s Response To The Controversy

For over a week as intense public pressure mounted, Alyssa declined media requests for comment and remained silent to the public. 

She was reportedly “shocked and overwhelmed” at the mushrooming outrage her actions triggered online and locally.

Through the school district, Alyssa finally issued a statement expressing she reacted poorly and felt regret over losing her temper and judgment. 

She admitted struggling with stress which caused an emotional reaction she deeply regrets.

Alyssa communicated wishes to privately apologize to the Piland family, especially student Kamdyn regarding the unprofessional way she behaved. 

One source close to Alyssa was quoted:

“She made a terrible lapse in judgement but never anticipated her response to one student could ignite so much justifiable anger and calls for her job. She knows the community has lost trust in her due to reacting exactly opposite from expectations of a teacher’s conduct. Alyssa hopes given time she can rebuild respect but the damage is done from this incident.”

Many critics found her statement lacking in accountability and remorse for potential lifelong trauma inflicted on a child’s learning experience. 

Public sentiment remained largely unmoved that simply apologizing could atone for Alyssa’s choice to consciously demean a student seeking guidance.

Professional And Legal Fallout

In wake of public petitions and media coverage unabated for nearly two weeks, the Valley View school board announced conclusions to their employment investigation regarding Alyssa Rupp Bohenek.

The statement emphasized that while termination was strongly considered, the board decided

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