Is Enlisted Crossplay?

Is Enlisted Crossplay?

Have you ever wondered if you can play the popular World War II shooter Enlisted with friends on other platforms?

Enlisted is a free-to-play multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter set during WWII. It is available on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

This article will provide everything you need to know about cross-platform and crossplay capabilities for Enlisted, so you can have the best connected gaming experience no matter what gaming platform or gaming system you use.

Everything You Need to Know About Enlisted and Crossplay

Enlisted is a squad-based online military FPS developed by Darkflow Software and published by Gaijin Entertainment.

Teams of up to 12 players battle it out on massive maps based on famous WWII battles. Players can progress through campaigns and unlock new soldiers, weapons, and vehicles.

The game stands out for its realistic graphics and emphasis on cooperative gameplay.

Players must work together, using teamwork and coordination of differing soldier classes and abilities.

There is also in-depth troop and squad management between battles.

Crossplay refers to technology that allows multiplayer gaming across different platforms.

For example, a PlayStation player being able to play in the same match as an Xbox or PC player.

Currently, Enlisted supports full crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, crossplay is not enabled between PC and consoles.

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Why Crossplay Matters

Why Crossplay Matters

Crossplay capabilities are hugely important for any online multiplayer game.

Allowing players on different platforms to play together helps keep the player base strong and matches full.

For gamers, crossplay means you can squad up and play with all your friends even if they have a different console or PC.

You aren’t limited by what system they happen to own.

Game developers also benefit by keeping their community united. Separate matchmaking pools for each platform split the players up.

Crossplay allows everyone to connect for faster, better matched games.

So crossplay can really enhance the gaming experience. But how exactly does it work under the hood?

The Technology Behind Crossplay

The Technology Behind Crossplay

Crossplay requires game developers to build a centralized backend infrastructure that can link up players across platforms.

This allows account information, matchmaking, and actual gameplay data to be exchanged between the different clients.

Some key components include:

  • Unified login systems and player accounts that work across all platforms. This lets you access your profile anywhere.
  • Servers that can ingest data from different sources, whether PC, PlayStation or Xbox.
  • Matchmaking algorithms that can pull from the entire player pool, regardless of platform.
  • Multiplatform game clients that can connect to the shared servers and player pool.
  • Careful testing to ensure stability, proper gameplay balance and a smooth experience.

There are some middleware solutions that help handle the technical challenges like Vivox or Playfab.

But ultimately the developers have to architect and tune the crossplay components for their specific game.

Enlisted Gameplay Explained

Enlisted offers several online multiplayer game modes with battles of up to 12 vs 12 players.

The matches take place on expansive battlefields modeled after famous WWII clashes like the Battle of Moscow or Invasion of Normandy.

Players take on the role of an individual soldier who belongs to a squad.

There is a class-based system where troops have unique skills and equipment loadouts such as rifleman, gunner, or medic.

As you play, you earn experience to unlock new soldiers and squads.

This progression system allows you to expand and customize your army with troops from various fronts and battalions.

Weapons, vehicles, and equipment are all modeled realistically after their WWII counterparts. You can upgrade and customize them as well to match your playstyle.

Game Modes

There are currently 3 main online multiplayer game modes in Enlisted:

  • Invasion: Attackers must capture points to push forward across large maps based on WWII battlefields. Defenders aim to exhaust the enemy’s resources.
  • Assault: One team defends key positions while the other team attacks in an asymmetric battle. Roles then switch.
  • Dominatio: Teams fight to hold major control points on the map and accumulate score over time to win.

These game modes allow for epic battles with a mix of on-foot action and vehicle combat across sprawling maps full of destructible environments.

Soldier Classes

There are a variety of distinct soldier classes you can play as, each with their own guns, gear, and abilities:

  • Rifleman: Versatile frontline soldiers armed with bolt-action or semi-auto rifles.
  • Gunner: Lay down suppressing fire with light machine guns and submachine guns.
  • Engineer: Blow stuff up and repair vehicles with satchel charges and tools.
  • Medic: Revive downed teammates and heal with medical kits and bags.
  • Sniper: Eliminate enemies with deadly precision from long range.
  • Pilot: Fly fighter planes or drive tanks to provide heavy firepower.

Figuring out how to coordinate squads with the right mix of classes is an important key to victory.

Is Enlisted Crossplay Compatible?

  • Yes, Enlisted supports full crossplay between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Gamers on these consoles can squad up and play together regardless of which console they are using.
  • No, crossplay is currently NOT enabled between PC and consoles. Those on PC can only play with others on PC.

The main barriers to crossplay between PC and consoles for Enlisted appear to be:

  • Input differences: Mouse/keyboard versus controller offers distinct advantages. Makes balancing and competitive play difficult.
  • Technical/performance differences: PC allows for advantages like higher frame rates.
  • Cheating concerns: Aimbotting and other hacks more common on PC.

Hopes for the Future

The developers have not ruled out the possibility of enabling PC and console crossplay sometime down the road.

But for now, only consoles can take advantage of cross-platform multiplayer.

Still, Gaijin Entertainment continues to improve and optimize the game. The team actively listens to player feedback as well.

Many fans remain hopeful that full crossplay between PC and consoles will arrive eventually. The developers could implement input matchmaking or find solutions to the other issues.

If they succeed, it would unite the Enlisted community and likely boost the player population even further.

But only time will tell if console and PC players will ever be able to squad up together.


Is Enlisted crossplay supported between PC and consoles?

No, PC and console crossplay is not currently supported. PC players can only play with other PC players.

Is Enlisted a multiplayer game?

Yes, Enlisted is an online multiplayer-only game. There is no single player or offline mode. All matches require connecting online.

Is Enlisted free to play on PC?

Yes, Enlisted is a free-to-play game on all platforms including PC. There is no upfront cost to download and play. There are optional in-game purchases.

What are the differences between the Xbox and PlayStation versions?

The core Enlisted gameplay experience is identical across the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Players on both platforms connect to the same crossplay matchmaking pool and can squad up together.

There are some minor technical differences related to resolution and frame rate caps.

But overall the game looks and plays the same on both Xbox and PlayStation.

Do I need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus for Enlisted?

Yes, you need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox consoles or a PlayStation Plus membership on PlayStation to play Enlisted, since it is an online multiplayer game.

Can I use a mouse and keyboard on console?

Currently no, Enlisted on consoles only supports playing with a controller. Mouse/keyboard setups are not enabled. This helps maintain a balanced playing field.


To summarize, Enlisted is a high quality online multiplayer WWII shooter with crossplay fully supported between Xbox and PlayStation platforms, allowing console gamers to play together.

Unfortunately PC and console crossplay is not currently enabled due to balance and technical concerns. But the developers continue working to improve the game, so full cross-platform play remains a possibility for the future.

If you’re interested in intense, tactical squad-based warfare set in iconic WWII battles with impressive visuals, give Enlisted a try.

Gather your friends on Xbox or PlayStation and squad up to take on the enemy and make history! With continued development, Enlisted has the potential to become one of the best WWII multiplayer shooters out there.

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