Rush Royale Tier List – Best Cards and Decks

Rush Royale Tier List – Best Cards and Decks

In the fast-moving Rush Royale world, having the perfect deck is super important if you want to rule the battlefield.

This handy guide will give you all the info you need to create a winning team that’ll amaze your opponents.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting, knowing what each character in the game is good at and how they work together is what’ll help you win. Let’s check out the ultimate Rush Royale tier list and find out how to put together the best cards and decks.

Rush Royale Tier List – Best Cards

At the top of the list, we have the S-tier cards – the best of the best, the ones that can completely change the game, including the top cards in Rush Royale. Players all over the world want these strong units and spellcasters because they can quickly change the outcome of a battle.

Harlequin – S Tier

At the forefront is the famous Harlequin card in Rush Royale, known for its incredible ability to duplicate itself. This tricky jester can make copies of itself, forming a whole army of identical units when merged.

Just picture the surprise on your opponent’s face when they have to deal with wave after wave of these tough enemies. The Harlequin is essential for any deck that wants to overwhelm the enemy.

You can get the Harlequin card once you reach arena rank 9. It deals a decent 60 damage and goes after the first enemy it encounters. Release the Harlequin’s craziness, and see your opponents struggle to stop the growing number of clones.

Unit Type: Special

Grade: Legendary

Damage: 60

Target: First

Tier List Rank: Tier 1 (Overpowered)

Vampire Card – S Tier

Let’s shine the spotlight on the Vampire Card. It’s a support card that brings a strong lord to fight alongside your units.

This spooky ally doesn’t just deal a whopping 50 damage, but it can also heal itself, meaning it can stick around in battles for a long time. And that’s not all – the Vampire Lord can also cause damage to multiple enemies at once, making it a real threat against lots of foes.

When you unlock this card as an epic, you’ll want it in your deck if you’re looking for a powerful ally that can last in tough fights. Just picture the fear it brings to your opponents when this undead lord shows up, demanding both respect and fear at the same time.

Support Unit – First Type

Damage: 50

Grade: Epic Card

Tier List Rank: Tier 1 (OP)

Dryad – Top Tier

If you like playing defensively, the Dryad is a top-tier card. It’s great for defending because it has a long attack range of 9 cells and can damage all enemies in its path with magic.

This nature-based unit is excellent at slowing down opponents and building strong defenses around your towers.

But what makes the Dryad special is its passive ability. Every time it fights an enemy, its attack power goes up by 10%. This means it keeps getting stronger as the game goes on, making it a tough opponent to face.

As a legendary card, everyone wants to add the Dryad to their deck. It’s perfect for decks focused on defending against enemy attacks and striking back with strength and precision.

Grade: Legendary

Type: Support

Target: First

Damage: 50

Tier List Rank: Tier 1(OP)

Engineer – S Tier

Meet the Engineer – a strong defender and a crucial part of any winning plan in Rush Royale. This adaptable unit is great at fixing towers, healing allies, and giving shields to keep your buildings safe.

But the Engineer isn’t just about defense. It can also attack with a powerful turret, becoming a tough opponent by shooting enemies from afar.

You can get the epic Engineer when you reach Arena Two rank. It deals a hefty 350 damage, making it a must-have in any good deck.

Damage: 350

Grade: Epic

Unlocks at Arena Two rank

Type: Damage

Tier List Rank: Tier 1(Best To OP)

Boreas – S Tier

When it comes to being strong and tough, there are few cards as powerful as Boreas. This card is like a big tank, able to deal and take a lot of damage.

What makes Boreas special is its freeze ability. It can freeze enemies for a short time, stopping them from moving or attacking.

Boreas is really strong, dealing 140 damage. You can unlock it as a legendary card in Arena 4. It can completely change the game on the battlefield. Just imagine how frustrated your opponent will be when their tough units are frozen and can’t do anything against your team’s attack.

Damage: 140

Grade: Legendary

Unlocks at Arena 4

Type: Damage

Tier List Rank: Tier 1

Summoner – S Tier

The Summoner card is like a special tool in the game. It lets players bring in strong soldiers to help them fight better.

These summoned soldiers are helpful, especially when you use them with other cards in your deck. When you combine them, they make powerful moves that can beat even really tough enemies.

The Summoner card does 50 damage, which is good, and you get it when you reach Arena 11, which is a big deal. It’s a flexible card that can change its role depending on what you need. It c

bring in backup soldiers when you need them or trick the enemy into attacking it instead of your other cards.

Damage: 50

Unit Type: Support

Target: First

Unlocks at Arena 11

Tier List Rank: Tier 1

Shaman – S Tier

Not many cards in Rush Royale can do as much as the Shaman. This wizard can do lots of things, like summoning minions, making your troops stronger, and even healing your castle.

But what makes the Shaman special is its power to turn into an eagle. This lets it see the whole battlefield from above.

With this view, the Shaman can find where the enemies are weak and plan your next moves. That way, you’ll always stay ahead.

You can get the Shaman when you reach Arena 13. It deals 50 damage, making it a strong card that serious players shouldn’t ignore.

Damage: 50

Unit Type: Special

Target: First

Unlocks at Arena 13

Tier List Rank: Tier 1

Rush Royale Tier List Guide: A Tier Cards

Although the top-tier cards are the best, the A-tier has strong units and spellcasters too. They can help you win battles. These cards are essential for any good deck because they pack a punch and are useful strategically.

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Mime – A Tier

The Mime in Rush Royale is like a chameleon – it can copy any card you want. Want to copy a strong enemy card to surprise them? No problem.

Or maybe you just want to double up on one of your cards to make it even stronger? The Mime can do that too. It’s a really useful card that can change its strategy depending on what you need.

You unlock it at Arena 4, and it’s a great tool for throwing your opponents off balance and helping you win battles.

Grade: Epic Card

Unit Type: Special

Target: First

Unlocks at Arena 4

Tier List Rank: Tier 2(Good To Best)

Bombardier – A Tier

If you want to wreck your enemies, the Bombardier card is what you need. It blasts them with a ton of explosives.

At its highest level, it can deal a whopping 110 damage and has a 12% chance of stunning enemies for a huge 5 seconds.

Picture your opponents freaking out as their strong troops get blown to bits by the Bombardier. This card messes up enemy formations, making it easier for your troops to push through.

Type: Debuff

Damage: 110

Stun Chances: 12% at MAX

Stun Duration: 5s at MAX

Frost – A Tier ~ B+ Tier

When it comes to controlling crowds, there aren’t many cards as powerful as Frost. This card can freeze a bunch of enemies at once, giving you time to figure out your next move.

But what makes Frost strong is that even while enemies are frozen, they keep getting hurt slowly.

So, Frost is a big deal on the battlefield because it can stop enemies in their tracks and keep hurting them at the same time.

Inquisitor – A Tier

The Inquisitor is good at causing damage and messing up the other team’s setup. It can stun one enemy for a short time, making them an easy target for your other cards to attack.

But what makes the Inquisitor strong is its passive skill. It boosts the damage of all your cards in the same lane. This teamwork can lead to powerful attacks that can defeat even tough enemies.

It’s a legendary card with a massive 240 damage. People want it in their deck because it brings both strong attacks and smart tactics.

Grade: Legendary

Type: Damage

Damage: X240

Target: First

Plague Doctor – A Tier

The Plague Doctor is a tricky card in the game. It’s like a powerful wizard that can cast lots of spells quickly.

These spells make it hard for enemies to fight back because they get weaker. But what makes the Plague Doctor special is that it’s immune to magic attacks, so it’s hard to hurt.

Picture how frustrated your opponents will be when their best spells don’t work against it! Plus, it can deal a lot of damage, up to 520 points, and set traps that do even more damage over time.

So, the Plague Doctor is a tough opponent that can change the outcome of a battle with its cleverness and flexibility.

Damage: X520 at MAX

Unit Type: Debuff

Trap Damage: X520 at MAX

Trap Duration: 4.2 Seconds at MAX

Chemist – A Tier

In Rush Royale, there’s a character called the Chemist who does unique damage. Instead of attacking directly, the Chemist throws acid flasks at enemies.

This acid hurts them over time and weakens their armor by a lot – by 43%! The Chemist can deal up to 110 damage, which is pretty strong.

It’s great for beating tough enemies because it slowly wears them down. Just picture your opponents’ shocked faces as their strong units dissolve under the Chemist’s acid attacks.

Damage: 110 at MAX

Armor Destruction: 43%

Unit Type: Debuff

Target: First

Hex – A Tier ~ B Tier

The Hex card is like a helper in a game. It gives you a small chance to defeat an enemy instantly, like a lucky shot. Even though the chance is only 3%, it can change the game if luck is on your side.

This card has a special symbol that shows how strong it is. It’s really rare and can bring different creatures to help you fight.

Whether it’s for defense or attack, the Hex card is unpredictable. It can surprise your opponents and change the game in just a moment.

Rush Royale Tier List Guide: B Tier Cards

While the A-tier cards are formidable in their own right, the B-tier is home to a diverse collection of units and spellcasters that should not be underestimated.

These cards offer unique abilities and synergies that can be the difference between victory and defeat on the battlefield.

Some notable B-tier cards include:

  • Thunderer
  • Wind Archer
  • Priestess
  • Portal Keeper
  • Cold Mage
  • Hunter
  • Zealot

While not as overtly powerful as their higher-tier counterparts, these cards can be powerful assets when used correctly, offering a range of abilities that can disrupt enemy formations, deal sustained damage, and even buff your units.

Rush Royale Tier List Guide: Weak Tier Cards

At the bottom of the tier list, we find the C and D-tier cards – the underdogs of Rush Royale.

While these cards may lack the raw power of their higher-tier counterparts, they should not be dismissed outright. In the hands of a skilled player, even the humblest of cards can become a force to be reckoned with.

Some notable weak tier cards include:

  • Mage
  • Poisoner
  • Mage Cauldron
  • Banner
  • Grindstone
  • Reaper
  • Lightning Mage
  • Alchemist
  • Thrower
  • Sharpshooter
  • Rogue
  • Crystalmancer
  • Archer
  • Demon Hunter
  • Demonologist
  • Knight Statue
  • Clock of Power
  • Stasis
  • Trapper

While these cards may not be the flashiest or most powerful, they can still play a vital role in your overall strategy.

Whether used as early-game economy boosters, distractions for your more potent units, or simply as fodder to overwhelm your opponents, these weak-tier cards should not be overlooked.

Rush Royale Best Deck Sets

Now that you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the various card tiers and their respective strengths, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test.

Here are some of the best deck sets for both PvP and co-op play, carefully crafted to maximize synergy and give you the edge you need to dominate the battlefield:

Best PvP Deck Set:

  • Harlequin
  • Mime
  • Shaman
  • Summoner
  • Boreas

Best PvP Deck Set:

  • Harlequin
  • Cold Mage
  • Dryad
  • Summoner
  • Inquisitor

Co-Op Best Deck Set:

  • Harlequin
  • Zealot
  • Bombardier
  • Chemist
  • Magic Cauldron

Co-Op Good Deck Set:

  • Harlequin
  • Mime
  • Shaman
  • Summoner
  • Engineer

Good PvP Deck Set:

  • Harlequin
  • Cold Mage
  • Mime
  • Summoner
  • Inquisitor

These deck sets have been carefully curated to provide a well-rounded combination of offensive might, defensive capabilities, and strategic utility.

Whether you’re battling against fellow players or teaming up with friends in co-op mode, these rush royale decks will give you a significant edge over your opponents.

Final Thoughts

In the ever-evolving world of Rush Royale, knowing how to construct the ultimate deck is paramount to achieving victory.

This comprehensive tier list guide has provided you with a deep understanding of the game’s many cards, their respective strengths and weaknesses, and how to combine them into formidable decks.

In the game of Rush Royale, knowledge is power, and with this tier list, you now wield the power to conquer.” – Seasoned Rush Royale Player

While the tier list serves as an invaluable resource, it’s important to remember that it is merely a guide.

True mastery of Rush Royale lies in your ability to adapt and evolve your strategies to counter the ever-changing meta. Experiment with different card combinations, study your opponent’s tactics and never stop striving to improve.

With this tier list in hand and a burning desire to rise through the ranks, there is no limit to the heights you can achieve in Rush Royale. So, gather your cards, sharpen your wit, and prepare to dominate the battlefield like never before.

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