Aplicativo transforma notificações do WhatsApp em bolhas

Aplicativo transforma notificações do WhatsApp em bolhas

Have you ever imagined having the ability to view all WhatsApp notifications on your screen, without having to open it to check it out? With the new app, this is possible. It turns WhatsApp notifications into colorful bubbles that float on the screen. Thus, you have quick and easy access to the information of all your contacts in the app, just by looking at the screen. In this article, we’ll show you how this application works and what its advantages are!

What is the App?

The app is called “Bubbles for WhatsApp” and, as the name suggests, it turns WhatsApp notifications into bubbles. These bubbles are floating on your smartphone screen, just like Facebook Messenger notifications. This means that you can continue using your smartphone as normal, without having to open the WhatsApp application every time a new message arrives.

How Does the Application Work?

The application is very simple to use. Basically, you sync the app with your WhatsApp and it turns notifications into bubbles on your phone screen. In this way, you can view WhatsApp messages without having to open the application. In addition, the application also shows the images of the people who are sending you messages, which makes it very easy to identify the conversations.

Benefits of Using the Application

Using the app to turn WhatsApp notifications into bubbles has several benefits. For starters, this lets you view your notifications in a more organized and manageable way. Furthermore, the bubbles can also be customized with different colors and sizes, which makes it easier to identify which notifications are important to you.

Why Turn Notifications into Bubbles?

The WhatsApp application is one of the most popular in the world, with more than 2 billion active users. However, some users complain about the app’s interface, especially the way notifications are displayed.

One of the ways to improve user experience is to turn notifications into bubbles. This means that instead of appearing on the screen as a list, notifications will appear as individual bubbles.

In addition to being easier to view, this approach is also useful for organizing notifications by conversation. This can be useful if you receive multiple notifications from different chats at the same time.

With bubble notifications, you can tap on a specific bubble to see just messages from that bubble.

How to Create Bubbles with WhatsApp Notifications?

The WhatsApp app is one of the most popular apps in the world and offers a convenient way to send text messages to friends and family. However, WhatsApp notifications can sometimes be a little annoying, especially when they appear in large amounts on your phone’s screen.

But now there’s an app that turns those notifications into colorful, animated bubbles that float on your phone’s screen. The app is called “Bubbles for WhatsApp” and is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Once installed, the app will analyze WhatsApp notifications and then display them as colorful bubbles on your phone’s screen. You can tap on the bubbles to open WhatsApp and read the messages, or simply ignore them if you don’t want to respond right away.


Application Alternatives

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-Alternatives to the App

With the popularity of WhatsApp, many users are looking for alternatives to the application. There are several reasons why people look for other apps, such as lack of privacy, too much advertising, or simply because they prefer other options. If you are looking for a WhatsApp alternative, check out some of the best options available below:

1. Telegram: Telegram is an instant messaging app very similar to WhatsApp. It offers a clean and easy-to-use interface and is extremely secure and private. Telegram also has a feature called “Secret Chats”, which encrypts all messages exchanged between chat participants, ensuring that no one else can


Bubble WhatsApp app is a useful tool that can turn WhatsApp notifications into bubbles. This makes it easier to see messages and reminders, and allows you to interact with them faster and more conveniently.

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